CERISVICO is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to the promotion and implementation of basic and applied scientific activities in sectors relating to community development and organizational coexistence.

The Centre's activity is characterized by three founding elements:

  • the content: the care of social relationships in everyday contexts as well as the promotion of the quality of life in organizations and, more generally, in the community;
  • the method: the adoption of a participatory methodology, which identifies action-research and its assumptions as its method of choice;
  • networking activity: our logic of partnerships and coalitions building, with the university providing a place of mediation, accompaniment and facilitation of integrated network processes.

The Center was born within the Faculty and Department of Psychology. Starting from a psychological perspective, to meet the challenges of contemporary research, the Center also presents itself as a place of inter/multidisciplinary research and dialogue (pedagogy, sociology, anthropology...).

The Center offers its expertise to public and private bodies and services, third sector entities, profit organisations, foundations and institutions of various kinds.

The Center naturally places itself in an international dimension, both in terms of research collaborations and in terms of planning for tenders.

activities and intervention areas