Centre for Research in Community Development and Organisational Quality of Life

The historical-social situation that has occurred in recent years has led to the onset of new and unprecedented needs that need to be intercepted and understood from a psychological point of view and which require to be addressed with a social and relational perspective.

This is where the idea of creating a Research Center on Community Development and Organizational Coexistence originated, with the aim of making even more visible a know-how and a psychological method, as well as a style that, by fostering the encounter between universities and cities, can conduct research promoting community development and socio-organizational coexistence, consequently increasing the quality of life for individuals.

Presentation of the Center

Center activities
Areas of intervention
The CERISVICO Center provides its expertise to public and private entities and services, third-sector organizations, profit-based enterprises, foundations, and institutions of various kinds. Rooted in the Brescia region, it has a national and international scope, both in terms of research topics and collaborative networks.

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